RIG Gaming 2019 Christmas Guide

RIG Gaming 2019 Christmas Guide


RIG Gaming 2019 Christmas Guide

With Christmas not far away, RIG Gaming have put together a short guide on headsets to for the gamer(s) of your family.

For the gamer that loves a light, wireless headset - RIG 700
The latest and greatest premium wireless headset from RIG Gaming. Game lighter for longer with the RIG 700 featuring:

AUD $199.95

Reasonably priced with great comfort - RIG 400
Game with high quality audio on any platform with the RIG 400, with a suite of versatile features including:

AUD $79.95

For parents who are conscious of their children using headphones - RIG 300
With comfort and audio safety in mind, the RIG 300 is an affordable headset for younger gamers to get your setup started featuring:

AUD $59.95

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