NZXT Breeds New Kraken AIO's

NZXT Breeds New Kraken AIO's


NZXT Breeds New Kraken AIO's

Unlike Razer's Kraken that will blast your ears, NZXT's Kraken will cool your CPU. Their X-3 series and Z-3 Series of Kraken AIO liquid coolers can be found in several models.

Available are the Z63, Z73, X53, X63 and X73, they vary in size from 240mm to 360mm. The Z series of AIO's include a 2.36 inch LCD screen that can display 24 bit colour and can be customised with gif files or CAM data.

In these models NZXT has revamped and improved their pump performance. They're also including their Aer P radiator fans designed to cater for liquid cooling. The designs include chamfered intakes and fluid dynamic bearings for silent but powerful performance.

The X series on the other hand sticks with what is now a traditional design with RGB lighting. The logo on the block can be rotated in any direction to make sure it's always facing the right direction for your build.

Prices range from USD $129.99 (AUD $200) to USD $279 (AUD $420).

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