Fractal Shows Off New Generation of Celsius

Fractal Shows Off New Generation of Celsius


Fractal Shows Off New Generation of Celsius

Fractal are back with a new generation of Celsius AIO coolers, with classy RGB/ARGB on the fully redesigned block. Also included is a PWM fan hub on the radiator with RGB/ARGB support.

The wiring is concealed within braided sleeves of the rubber tubing, this allows the entire system to connect at the pump with just a single power cable. Optionally you can also connect an RGB/ARGB cable.

The pump face has a well designed backlit logo plus RGB/ARGB LED effects. Smart auto control mode adjusts the fan and pump speeds dynamically, this allows for a balance of silence and cooling performance. Twisting the pump face will change the mode from PWM to full control.

Compatibility with RGB control software includes ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, Razer and ASRock.

Celsius+ is available in three different sizes: 240 mm, 360 mm and the all-new 280 mm model, each with your choice of Dynamic X2 or Prisma RGB/ARGB fans pre-installed.

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