Damn the Cougar Conquer 2 Is Amazing

Damn the Cougar Conquer 2 Is Amazing


Damn the Cougar Conquer 2 Is Amazing

The Cougar Gaming Conquer 2 is one of those PC cases that you will either love or hate. The distinctive metal frames provide a stylish housing for your much loved PC components.

Cougar Conquer2 Case

The detachable sub chassis makes for easy assembly of your components. Integrated RGB lighting by way of Cougar's Trelux technology ensures your Conquer 2 stands out from the crowd even more.

It's great looking good but you also need to cool those components, top support for 120, 240 and 360mm radiators are there. While front support is 120 and 240mm radiators. If you're not water looking you can get 3 x 120mm fans in the top and front. If those aren't RGB fans of course you will suffer badly.

What do you think of the Cougar 2?

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