ASUS Wants You To Tinker

ASUS Wants You To Tinker


ASUS Wants You To Tinker

ASUS has launched their new Tinker Edge T product, a single board computer targeted at AI applications. At its heart is the quad core ARM NXP i.MX 8M processor which sites alongside 1GB of LPDDR4 dual channel memory.

Where your AI power comes in is with Google Edge RPU, a machine learning accelerator that improves processing efficiency while maintaining lower power demands. It's so efficient that it can process up to 4 tera operations per second while using only 0.5 watts per unit of computation.

Included on board is 8GB of eMMC memory and an SD 3.0 interface for additional storage. When it comes to I/O you'll get a MIPI-DSI for displays and touch screens and two MIPI-CSI for cameras.

Tinker Edge T features a rich I/O interface, including one MIPI-DSI connection for displays and touch screens, and two MIPI-CSI connections for compatible cameras to enable computer vision for applications such as depth measurement, smart vending machine QR code payment systems and interactive advertising. Additionally you get a full sized HDMI port, USB- Type-A, USB-Type-C, gigabit LAN, wifi and Bluetooth.

It's set to be available Q1 2020.

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