ASUS Announces the W480 Workstation Series

ASUS Announces the W480 Workstation Series


ASUS Announces the W480 Workstation Series

ASUS has announced the W480 series workstation motherboard and workstation system, designed to showcase the full potential of the latest Intel® Xeon® W-1200 processors. The ASUS W480 workstation series is ideal for small-to-medium businesses and content creators seeking workstations delivering essential performance along with professional-grade reliability. It can be teamed up with the latest Intel Xeon W-1200 processors with 10 cores, 20 threads, 5.3 GHz clock speeds and 128 GB DDR4-2933 ECC memory. The ASUS W480 workstation series also supports ASUS Control Center Express and ASUS Control Center, two enterprise-grade IT monitoring and management applications that can simplify IT operations and improve productivity.

The ASUS Pro WS W480-ACE motherboard delivers massive performance, trusted reliability, faster connectivity and manageability. Powered by Intel Xeon W-1200 processors and supporting up to 128GB ECC memory, plus a robust power design with 12+2 power stages and enhanced heat sinks, Pro WS W480-ACE ensures reliable and responsive performance to suit the demands of professional 24/7 working environments.

Pro WS W480-ACE offers boosted connectivity with dual onboard Ethernet for faster transfers of large files and immediate streaming of high-resolution videos. One of the ports supports Intel 2.5G Ethernet, which delivers an up to 2.5X bandwidth improvement over traditional LAN connections. Additionally, in the event of a system crash or when no OS is installed, an RTL8117 management LAN port provides remote hardware-level access to the workstation for hardware resets, BIOS settings changes or updates via ASUS Control Center Express.

The I/O panel on Pro WS W480-ACE features two Thunderbolt 3 Type-C connectors powered by the latest generation Intel controller, each capable of speeds of up to 20Gbps. Each Thunderbolt connection also supports up to six devices in a daisy chain and DisplayPort 1.4 video signals. At the rear, four USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A connectors support speeds of up to 10Gbps, and two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports offer speeds up to 5Gbps.

ASUS Pro E500 G6 Workstation

ASUS Pro E500 G6 workstation is a purpose-built system for creative professionals, it delivers exceptional performance for complex design, modeling and analytics tasks. With an aesthetic design that integrates artistry and functionality, the chassis features an attractive triangular-mesh front panel that also facilitates airflow through the system for improved thermal control to ensure reliability and sustained performance.

Powered by Intel Xeon W-1200 processors, Pro E500 G6 features up to 128 GB ECC memory and dual onboard Ethernet ports, including Intel 2.5G Ethernet to deliver up to a 2.5X bandwidth improvement for a significant speed upgrade over traditional LAN connections.

ASUS understands the importance of compatibility and that Pro E500 G6 must be ready to power the applications you need. ASUS works in close partnership with numerous independent software vendors such as Adobe, Autodesk and V-Ray to test and verify compatibility with our hardware.

Pro E500 G6 also features an easy-to-service design that helps maximize system uptime by enabling system administrators to perform maintenance and upgrade system components easily with no tools required to open the chassis.

PRO E500 G6 barebone will be available from mid July in ANZ at the estimated launch RRP of AUD $999.00.

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