ASUS Have a New Mouse......or Something

ASUS Have a New Mouse......or Something


ASUS Have a New Mouse......or Something

While you're recovering from the massive amount of recently released tech, there's more! ASUS have bust out the ROG Chakram, a customisable mouse with a thumb stick.

The thumb stick has two modes of operation, in analogue mode it can be used for games like flight sims and racing games. In digital mode it becomes a four direction controller for quick access to commands.

Additional to the thumb stick you also get five customisable buttons and of course the usual scroll wheel. ASUS have paid special attention to the shape and weight of the Chakram. They worked with pro gamers to get the weight down to just 122 grams and hone the design.

Under the cop magnetic cover you'll find the first connectivity option, a USB 2.4 GHz dongle. In this mode you'll achieve up to 48 hours of battery with the RGB LED's on or 79 hours with them off. Another connection option is Bluetooth, the latency isn't as low as 2.4 GHz but with the LED's off you can hit up to 100 hours battery life.

For charging you can take advantage of Qi wireless charging with any compatible pad. The other option for charging is USB where a full charge can be achieved in just 80 minutes. If you're in a hurry though you can get 12 hours of usage with just 15 minutes of charge.

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